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Legendary Bowler Paula Carter's Bio Page

Paula Sperber Carter
Miami, FL
Born: Miami, FL - March 01, 1951

In the early 1970's a "Blonde Bombshell" hit the professional bowling lanes and she has not lessened her pace all the way through the 1990's. Paula Sperber, was born in Miami, Florida, where she began her career as a professional ladies bowler. She created quite a legend of success along the way.

Her Accomplishments and Honors Include:
National Bowler of The Year, Florida Bowler Hall of Fame, twice winning the U.S. Open and winning the Florida Bowling Queen's Tournament twice, Miami Herald Bowler of the Year for Eleven Years. Paula also placed first and second in the Women's International Bowling Congress National Singles Championship on two occasions. Paula was inducted into the WIBC National Hall of Fame on April 18, 1994.

The left handers career statistics include:
5 - 300 Games; 2 - 299 Games; 3 - 297 Games

Paula has traveled the world playing the sport she loves. She has made numerous National Television Appearances, ranging from the Johnny Carson Show, Dinah Shore Show, to working on the National Networks as a sports commentator, to just name a few. This is quite an accomplishment in its self since Paula has been battling agoraphobia most of her adult life.

You would think after all the accomplishments that she has made, bowling would be the love of her life. But, this is not so, the true love of her life is a wonderful, gentle and dynamic man that walked into her world over thirty years ago, Mister Bowling himself Don Carter. Don and Paula have built a life together that not only incorporates the sport they both love, but an overwhelming generous dedication to abused and neglected children. They have raised Two sons that they choose to bring into their hearts and home and have given both of these children a second chance on life.

That "Blonde Bombshell" that caught the public eye thirty Years ago shows no signs of slowing down. Paula is active in Don's business endeavors, but her heart is still as large as her talent.